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Welcome to the L6 Community Association

Here at the Liverpool 6 Community Association, we help local families with food and non-food items that have been donated by the public or local businesses.

We welcome everybody to use our services if you feel you need them. Our team f volunteers will help you every step of the way to ensure you and your family don’t go hungry.

Surviving the Pandemic

Two years ago the unprecedented events of the Pandemic sent the whole country into meltdown as we entered Lockdown and the scenes of panic buying will forever be etched within our memories.

Fear & frenzy sent shudders through Communities already living in deprivation & hardship. We knew our support would be needed more than ever before and an emergency meeting was held and contingency plan drawn up.

An army of volunteers joined forces to provide a vital service to families, children and older people across the City of Liverpool.

Firstly we bought 25 industrial chest freezers and 15 fridges to ensure we had capacity to store frozen & chilled items and we placed orders as far away as Isle of Wight to keep up with demand of goods needed to distribute.

100s of essential parcels were made up each day containing an assortment of fresh, frozen and dried food goods also toiletries and cleaning products to ensure the physical and mental health and well-being of residents.

Ways you can engage with L6

Christmas 2021

The L6 Centre were aware of the challenges we faced in delivering a Christmas to remember for the city.

However, even with Covid restrictions in place we were able to distribute thousands of toys, pj’s and food parcels right across the city.

We purchased a sleigh in November 2020 in order to ensure children were able to meet Santa. From the 4th of December to the 21st of December our sleigh went through the streets of Liverpool,

ensuring thousands of children met Santa! Santa also visited twelve primary schools in which each child received a present.

This was a huge sucesss considering we were in a pandemic and we had limited options. We would like to put our thanks on record to the 100’s of people and businesses who made Christmas 2020 possible at the L6.

Helping families have a holiday

For some people any kind of holiday is out of reach, not because of Covid but because they can’t afford one.

But the @L6Centre is trying to change that, giving families the chance to get away, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Cabarets for over 50s

The L6 is excited to announce “Welcome Back Cabarets for over 5os”.
The past fourteen months have been testing times for us all.

The L6 is now determined to ensure our older people are once again able to enjoy our events like they did pre pandemic.

Each event is at a cost price of £3.50 per ticket. The event will consist of Afternoon Tea, Bingo, Raffles and Spot The Ball.

Please see the poster on the right for additional information.

If you are interested in attending any event please contact us via email at l6centre@aol.com or call us on 0151 260 1297.

Food Union

Our Food Union enables residents to shop for branded goods at a very low cost.

The Food Union was created after months of consultations with residents and has been a major success the past twelve months.

The Food Union stocks branded items and all other essential items i.e. cleaning products, to ensure our members can get their full shop at a fraction of the price.

The L6 Food Union staff are keen to support local businesses especially during these difficult times, all of our butcher’s meat is locally sourced.

We stock freshly baked bread from Home Baked which arrives each morning with all of our fruit and veg being locally sourced.

By joining our Food Union you are also supporting many local Liverpool organisations.

Please come along and grab yourself a bargain!

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